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Sheila Cereghetti

26.04.2018 kl.00:13

Hei! Can I ask from wich evidence it's inspired this coat/caftan? I love it! I should make one for me and I'm not sure how pattern use.... Can you write me an e-mail with the pattern or how is this made, please? :) I love your viking Outfits and your hair!

Tonje Årolilja Rogersdatter

26.04.2018 kl.11:33

Sheila Cereghetti: Hello Sheila! I don't think this coat is based on anything in particular. You could say that it is just a dress pattern with an opening in the front. If I shall say it is similar to anything I would say it's very similar to the garments found on Greenland. They are not viking but closer to 1200. Right now I am making many different posts about how to make different garments. I will be writing them all in English so that my non Norwegian readers can enjoy them too. There will be instructions on how to make dresses and coats. What I am missing for the posts are pictures. I will be posting the posts little by little as they are done.
- Tonje Årolilja
Tonje Årolilja Rogersdatter


Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Tonje and I am a viking reenactor. In other words, I try to recreate the viking age as close and correct as possible. I make my own historical garments. I convey the daily life of the Viking age together with my viking group, Trondheim vikinglag. We travel all around Europe and visit viking markets. We show cooking and handcraft correct for the viking age period. If you are interested in history, archeology, handcraft of any sorts of food - this is the blog for you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi.

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